Superannuation Guarantee Charge Late Payments

Super Guarantee Late Payments The ATO and superannuation funds are becoming very talented at detecting late payments of Super now with Single Touch Payroll. Compulsory superannuation payments are due quarterly, within 28 days after the end of the relevant quarter. So for the quarter ended 30th September, payments need to be with the super fund [...]

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Why do we need a Drug-Safe Workplace?

 “If we drug tested our workers, we would lose half our workforce!” A response I often hear from prospective clients when confirming if they have a Drug and Alcohol policy and procedural document in their business. Let’s get serious; what individuals do in their own time is not the business owners’ responsibility; what the workers [...]

Understanding procrastination now

Knowing why you procrastinate In a recent article I suggested that you reflect on the ‘big rocks’ in your life or business and on how to ensure you schedule your priorities by putting them in ‘The Jar’ first. At a personal level, these might be a project that YOU want to accomplish: time with your [...]

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Growing Tourism Infrastructure (GTI)

The Growing Tourism Infrastructure (GTI) Fund is now open! The GTI Fund is part of the $36 million commitment to grow tourism infrastructure in Queensland. The purpose of the GTI Fund is to provide funding for significant new tourism infrastructure projects that will increase visitation and tourism expenditure in Queensland. Funding is available for delivery of large-scale significant [...]

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Considering Outsourcing? Here’s some tips to consider.

Outsourcing is quickly becoming a key trend for many businesses, especially smaller ones that are looking to quickly grow their presence in various markets. But with outsourcing also becoming a hot-button topic how can it be done successfully without damaging the Business's long-term goals and future? While there is no magic formula nor perfect solution [...]

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Six Networking Benefits for Your Business

Whether you've just started your own business or if you're looking to expand, networking is critical. In particular, small businesses rely on building relationships with other businesses in their industry to thrive. If you're curious to what networking can do for you, read on. We've rounded up the six best networking benefits for your business. [...]

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Set SMART Goals for Your Marketing Strategy

Every strategy needs goals and an inbound marketing strategy is no different. In fact, according to HubSpot, SMART goals are essential to rolling out an effective inbound marketing plan. So, what are SMART goals and how can you set them up for your business? Read on to discover all you need to know to be SMART. S: [...]

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